Mr. Yasukazu Kosaki

Group Manager, Memory Application Engineering Department, Memory Division, Storage and Device Solution Company | Toshiba Corporation

Yasukazu Kosaki is group manager of the Memory Application Engineering Department in Toshiba Corporation’s Storage and Device Solution Company (SDS Company). He is responsible for memories for the mobile market.

In his previous assignment, from 2011-2015, Mr. Kosaki was technical marketing manager at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH in Sweden, where he supported mobile customers in the Nordic market mobile customers, users of Qualcomm solutions. He was in the US from 2001-2002, working to establish the NAND Flash memory production line at Dominion Semiconductor LLC.

Mr. Kosaki joined SDS Company in April 1996 and has 20 years of experience in NAND Flash memory development in increasingly demanding assignments.