4G/5G Summit

October 22 - 24, 2018
Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Mr. Miguel Nunes

Mr. Miguel Nunes

Senior Director, Product Management
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Miguel Nunes is senior director of product management for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. where he leads Qualcomm Technologies’ Windows strategy and products, driving multifunctional teams around the world.

Miguel has 20 years of experience working in the semiconductor industry including Intel and Qualcomm. In his 8 years at Qualcomm, Miguel has been a critical member of the product management team collaborating with Microsoft on various technologies and products including mobile devices, mixed reality and now Windows on Snapdragon. Miguel’s experience from traditional PCs at Intel and mobile at Qualcomm is helping drive the transformation of the PC into a true mobile computing device with all the benefits of the mobile phone.