4G/5G Summit

October 22 - 24, 2018
Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Mr. Alex Holcman

Mr. Alex Holcman

Senior Vice President, Corporate Engineering
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Alex Holcman is senior vice president of Corporate Engineering (QCES) for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.  In his current role, Holcman leads a centralized organization that provides end-to-end engineering services to accelerate the cost effective development and commercialization of Qualcomm technologies. With more than 1,300 engineers, QCES provides services to Qualcomm Technologies’ internal businesses and external customers.

Holcman has held a wide variety of engineering and management positions within Qualcomm since joining the company more than 20 years ago. Previously within QCES, Holcman led ESG, an engineering team that colloborates with operators around the world to optimize and evolve their wireless networks. Prior to joining QCES, he served as lead systems engineer for the Globalstar Mobile Satellite System, and was also responsible for some of the company’s core network infrastructure products.

Possessing significant expertise in wireless network technology, Holcman helped Qualcomm to pioneer 3G/CDMA technology by contributing to 3G cellular and 3G/CDMA/IS-41C intersystem operations standards, and developing software for the first AMPS/CDMA dual-mode mobile phone.

Holcman holds more than 24 patents, as well as a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer sciences from the University of Illinois, and a master’s degree in telecommunications from the Australian Telecom Research Institute.