Sensory, Inc.

Sensory is the leader in speech technologies for consumer product. Sensory's embedded software has shipped in over a billion products from hundreds of leading consumer electronics manufacturers. Sensory holds the largest share in the dedicated speech solution and the voice and face biometric markets. Sensory's mission is to improve the way humans interface interact with products by using high quality, low cost speech and facial recognition technologies. The company holds several dozen patents (issued and applied for), in the area of speech and facial technologies, and continues an aggressive research and development program Today. Sensory is the first company to develop an ultra-low power no button required" voice user interface (VUI) for mobile phones  bluetooth headsets  and IoT markets _ TrulyHandsfree : Deep learning nets, _ TrulySecure : Biometric fusion of face and voice, _ TrulyNatural : Highest accuracy large vocabulary embedded technology."