GSMA Marketplace

The GSMA already connects buyers and sellers (100,000 of them) physically at the world’s biggest Mobile event - Mobile World Congress ( and a variety of other industry events worldwide. 

Today we have created a new concept that allows us to connect buyers and sellers online rather than physically. The concept of GSMA Marketplace is that we connect a broader range of Buyers and Sellers in our industry vertical via an online platform 24/7/365.   Think Amazon Marketplace, but B2B and for services as well as products.

In March 2015 we launched the GSMA Marketplace and had tremendous success with on boarding buyers and sellers. The issued projects by our buyers have come to a value of +200 million US dollars.

We are growing month on month and today we have 3500+ sellers and 700+ buyers on board.

We are looking for someone to be part of the journey and grow the Marketplace.