Qualcomm Third-Party Hardware Component Ecosystem Update

Day 3

Qualcomm offers a Preferred Vendor List (PVL) of third-party hardware components compatible with Snapdragon™-based Android smartphone designs, including Qualcomm Reference Designs. This PVL numbers over 1,000 parts, covering the complete MSM/APQ roadmap, and includes memories, cameras, displays, touch panels, sensors, 3rd party RF components, crystals, and passive components.

This talk will highlight our recent additions to the PVL for memories, cameras, and sensors. Our end-to-end memory processes were revamped, resulting in a doubling of monthly memory verification throughput. The majority of our camera sensors are now PDAF-capable, while also adding 2PD and other camera types. To further enable our camera ecosystem, we trained hundreds of customer and vendor camera engineers on our latest tools. We added new sensors across our SnapdragonTM roadmap, signed up many new sensor vendors, enabled a new SnapdragonTM 820 development platform, and released the OpenSSC 4.0 software suite. This latter platform and software suite enable our sensor vendor partners to independently develop and perform initial testing on drivers compatible with the latest Android releases and performance requirements.


Track 4


Dr. Neil Jablon

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 -
09:30 to 09:50

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