PANEL: Payments Globally Changing How Smartphones Work

PANEL: Payments Globally Changing How Smartphones Work
Wednesday 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

Rapid consumer adoption for both online and offline/physical Mobile Payments continues to drive big changes in the smartphone. This includes higher adoption of biometric authentication, tokenization approaches, secure code execution and storage, and the requirement to verify the device using a hardware-based root of trust.

Representing a worldwide viewpoint, this panel will explore what lies ahead for the Mobile Payments industry, and ramifications for mobile device manufacturers, network operators, and end-consumers.

Moderator: Mr. Sy Choudhury
Senior Director, Product Management | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
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Sayeed (Sy) Choudhury is responsible for security and artificial intelligence products and features within Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Prior to that, Choudhury was responsible for the Snapdragon Web Technologies and AllPlay product lines. He also stewarded the company’s initial partnerships with Microsoft on Windows Mobile and Google on Android. Before joining Qualcomm, Choudhury led product management for the consumer electronics market at Wind River Systems. He has a BSEE from the SUNY at Buffalo.