Gigabit LTE and the path to 5G

Day 3

Gigabit Class broadband speeds was one of the foundational promises of 4G LTE technology. As LTE technology has evolved since initial deployments, steady progress has been made in using techniques such as carrier aggregation to enhance download speeds from a peak of 100 Mbps initially, to nearly half a Gigabit today. But achieving Gigabit LTE requires new techniques beyond straightforward carrier aggregation, calling upon more sophisticated features in LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro to put Gigabit Class LTE speeds within reach to operators, OEMs, and ultimately, consumers. These technologies not only make Gigabit LTE possible, they also pave the path to 5G. Not only will evolutions of those techniques be used in 5G, Gigabit LTE will be foundational to a seamless multi-mode network experience, where 5G provides massive broadband speeds in limited locations, while Gigabit LTE provides high speed broadband at wider coverage. Join us to understand Qualcomm Technologies’ product and technology roadmap for Gigabit LTE and the path to 5G.


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Mr. Serge Willenegger

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 -
09:00 to 09:45