Future of Wearables

Future of Wearables
Mr. Pankaj Kedia, Senior Director, Product Management | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Wednesday 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Over the next 10 years, wearable technology will have a more profound impact in how we live our lives as it becomes smarter and more connected. Qualcomm Technologies, which played a critical role in the evolution of the smartphone, is at it again, leading the charge with the evolution of wearables technology. Pankaj Kedia, who leads the forays in wearables for Qualcomm Technoloiges, will discuss how smartwatches are embracing the art of fashion, how smart shoes are making us healthier, how smart bands are keeping us fitter and how kid trackers are helping kids stay connected with their parents. Pankaj will outline our wearables vision for the next decade and will spotlight how the company is working with its customers and ecosystem players to realize this vision.

Speaker: Mr. Pankaj Kedia
Senior Director, Product Management | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
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Pankaj Kedia is Senior Director, Product Management and business Lead for the Wearables Segment at Qualcomm Technologies. In this role, Pankaj is responsible for leading Qualcomm’s efforts to establish and grow its presence across the wearables segments including smart eyewear, smart watches, kid/elderly watches, smart bands, smart headsets, smart clothing, and wearable accessories. Under Pankaj’s leadership, Qualcomm has enabled its customers to ship 100+ products in 30+ countries over the last 2 years. Pankaj joined Qualcomm in late 2013 in a new business development role and has led its efforts to incubate the wearables segment at the company.

Previously, Pankaj was the director of business development and innovation at Intel Corporation where he was responsible for winning, nurturing, and launching mobility products and technologies. Pankaj launched the Intel Atom processor and led the company’s early efforts to establish its presence and momentum in the tablet, mobile Internet device, and smartphone categories. Earlier at Intel, Pankaj played an instrumental role in accelerating the deployment of Notebook PCs in the industry by defining and implementing the company’s product/marketing strategies and launching a range of products including Centrino, Pentium 4 and Pentium III processors. Pankaj joined Intel in 1996 and held a series of executive advisory, strategy, marketing, planning, ecosystem, and business development roles across the company. He holds one of the early/defining patents around implementing low power sub-systems in mobile devices.

Prior to Intel, Pankaj was in the management consulting industry for five years leading projects in strategy, management, and information technology. Pankaj is an avid TED follower and has spoken at multiple TEDx events about the impact of mobile technologies around the world. He is frequently sought after as a speaker at industry events in the area of mobile, wearable, wireless, and Internet, and has been extensively quoted in mainstream publications.

Pankaj holds a Master of Business Administration from Wharton, a Master of Science from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Science from the Indian Institute of Technology.