Evolution of the automobile - mobile and automotive ecosystems intersect

Day 3

The automotive industry is increasingly tracking mobile technology to create smarter, more connected and safer vehicles. With leadership in telematics and connectivity and decades of experience in automotive, Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of a technology revolution that will speed time to commercialization for advanced vehicle technologies, and will ultimately enable the transformation of the auto by connecting vehicles to other vehicles, pedestrians and city infrastructure.

In this presentation, Qualcomm Technologies will talk about the evolution of automotive technology and how the company is supporting the faster commercialization of next-generation vehicles with more advanced technologies. Recently, Qualcomm Technologies launched its Snapdragon 820A, its newest automotive-grade system-on-chip (SoC) offering an unparalleled combination of integrated LTE cloud connectivity, powerful heterogeneous computing, leading-edge multimedia performance and never-before-seen machine learning capabilities in an automotive-grade processor.  Qualcomm Technologies will also discuss what we can expect in the future as V2X (vehicle to vehicle/pedestrian/infrastructure) technologies are developed on the road to 5G and a future of more intelligent vehicles.


Track 3


Mr. Nakul Duggal

Time Slot: 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 -
13:00 to 13:45